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Fragment of a Sarira Stupa

Fragment of a Sarira Stupa

Tang Dynasty (618-907)


Museum Introduction

Shaanxi Han Tang Stone Sculpture Museum is located in Xintiandi Free Trade Park, Fengdong New City, Xi'an with convenient access. In 2012, Shaanxi Han Tang Stone Sculpture Museum was established and became the first non-state-owned ancient stone sculpture museum in China. Since the inception, it has hosted hundreds of thousands of tourists, including teachers and students, from all over the world eachyear. We have dedicated to improving the collection, research, protection and cultural exchange of our valuable collections. The museum covers an area of nearly 1,400 ㎡ and has a collection of more than 400 pieces. It exhibits more than 100 collections from the Eastern Han Dynasty to Ming and Qing Dynasties. It is divided into three categories: Buddhist cultural relics, mausoleum sculptures and others. The carving techniques include round carving, relief carving, open carving, reduced-ground flat carving, line carving and other crafts. Some of the collections have extremely high artistic value and academic value, filling the blank of China's ancient stone sculpture area. The exhibition of ancient Chinese stone sculptures has an indispensable position.


Museum Activities

Glamour of Han and Tang Dynasties Stone Sculptures

Exhibitionvenue:Yixing Art Museum, first floor, temporary exhibition hall

Exhibitiontime:September 26 - November 15, 2018

ExhibitionCity:Yixing City

Organizer:Yixing culture, radio, television, press and Publication Bureau, Shaanxi Han and Tang stone carving Museum