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Monday - Sunday



Stop selling tickets 30 minutes before closing

General Admission Tickets:

Tickets ¥50

Children under 6 years old (including 6 years old) or under 1.2 meters (including 1.2 meters) can visit for free.

Senior citizens 65 and above can get free tickets with ID cards, servicemen's certificates and disabled people's cards.

Students can enjoy half price with student IDs.

Manual Explanation Service:

Individual: ¥100 (5 or less)
Group: ¥200 (6-15 people)

Traffic Routes

Museum Address

Address:East Fengdong Road, Fengdong District, Xi'an, Shaanxi, China, 2196 West Fengdong Free Trade Xintiandi Park
WeChat Official Account:Shaanxi Han Tang Stone Carving Museum

Notice to Visitors

1. 10:00-16:30 from Tuesdays to Sundays (12:00-13:00 noon and 30 minutes before closing).

2. The group visit should be booked through telephone 3 days in advance. Our tel is 029-89181779.

3. All tickets are valid on the same day.

4. Senior, children, pregnant women, the disabled and other designated visitors must be accompanied by adult guardians during the whole visit; drunk, people with limited behavior ability, and those with irregular clothes are not allowed to enter the museum.

5. Strictly abide by the security inspection regulations of the museum. It is not allowed to bring inflammable, explosive, sharp tools, controlled knives, toxic, harmful and other dangerous goods and pets into the museum; open fire and smoking are strictly prohibited in the whole museum.

6. In case of emergency, please follow the emergency signs, broadcast or the command of the staff, and quickly disperse from the emergency channel.

7. In order to ensure the safety and good order of the exhibits, please take good care of the exhibits and operate in strict accordance with the instructions of the exhibits and the guidance of the staff. If the exhibits are damaged due to illegal operation, compensation shall be made according to the price.

8. Observe the order of public places. Please do not crowd or run in the venue.

9. Consciously maintain the health of the exhibition hall, please do not spit or litter.

10. Please do not make any noise during the visit. Please set the mobile phone to mute so as not to affect others' visit.

11. Please do not eat or drink in the exhibition hall.

12. Please do not temper with interior light, timer and tripods in the exhibition hall.

Shaanxi Han Tang Stone Carving Museum


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