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Development History

In 2010, preparations for the construction of the museum began. After review by the cultural relics expert group of the two-level cultural relics department of the Shaanxi Provincial Cultural Relics Bureau and the Xi'an Cultural Relics Bureau, it was approved by the Civil Organizations Administration of the Civil Affairs Department of Shaanxi Province.

On May 15, 2012, the opening ceremony was held and the museum officially opened. Gong Deshun, former vice governor of Shaanxi Province, Liu Yunhui, deputy director of the Shaanxi Provincial Cultural Relics Bureau, Zheng Yulin, director of the Xi'an Cultural Relics Bureau, and well-known domestic experts and scholars attended the opening ceremony.

In 2012, won the advanced collective of the National Private Museum Exposition;

On June 16, 2012, the Museum of the Patriotic Education Base of the International Business School of Northwestern University was established;

From November 1 to 30, 2013, the "Han and Tang Stone Carvings and Sculpture Art Exhibition" was held at the Daming Palace National Heritage Museum in Xi'an;

In 2014, he initiated the establishment of the Xi'an Ancient Stone Carving Art Research Association, with Qin Hang as the honorary chairman;

On November 9, 2014, ""Wooden Man and Stone Heart"-Commemorating Master Xuanzang's Westward Return to China, Xi'an Folk Collection Stone Carving Exhibition" was held in Xi'an Bell and Drum Tower Museum;

On January 1, 2015, the "Exhibition of Ancient Buddhist Stone Carvings Art Exhibition" was held at Daxingshan Temple in Xi'an;

In 2015, won the "Annual Shaanxi Provincial Folk Museum Association Work Advanced Unit";

In May 2016, Shaanxi Hantang Stone Carving Museum joined the Shaanxi Provincial Museum Education Alliance and became a member unit;

On September 7, 2016, the "Silk Road International Museum Friendship Alliance" was formally established, and the Shaanxi Han and Tang Stone Carving Museum became a member of the alliance;

On September 7, 2016, the National Non-State-owned Museum Cooperation Organization Office Meeting approved the establishment of the "National Non-State-owned Museum Cooperation Organization Ancient Stone Carving Professional Committee" and appointed Chairman Qin Hang as the director of the professional committee;

From October 27th to December 27th, 2016, "Lion Roar Chang'an-Guanzhong Ancient Stone Lion Exhibition" was held in Qujiang New District;

From November 17, 2016 to February 15, 2017, the ""Foguang Stone Rhyme" Exhibition of Chinese Buddhist Stone Carvings" was held at ACBD, Datang West Art Center, Xi'an;

Joined the Chinese Museum Association on January 19, 2017 and became a member unit;

From April 25th to May 25th, 2017, cooperated with Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts Art Museum to hold ""Stone Rhyme Tsinghua"-Silk Road Shenzhou Ancient Stone Carving Exhibition";

From April 18th to June 25th, 2017, together with the Zhejiang Provincial Museum, he co-organized the "Pure Life-Ancient Chinese Buddhist Statue Exhibition";

From September 27th to December 15th, 2018, the "Han and Tang Dynasty Stone Rhyme-Chang'an Ancient Stone Carving Art Exhibition" was held in Yixing City Museum;

In September 2018, it signed a long-term cooperation agreement with Fengdong Free Trade Xintiandi. In October of the same year, the preparatory work for Fengdong New Hall officially began;

On September 30, 2019, the Fengdong Pavilion District was officially unveiled.

Awarded the National Class III Museum on December 21, 2020